Artisanal Soaps

At Wild Thistle Soap Co. we use the traditional cold process method of soap making.  This involves the three basic ingredients of all soap:  Lye, Liquid, and Oil followed by at least one month of curing for the best bar you can find.  (Don't worry- there's no Lye left in the finished product, it goes through saponification and turns into soap!)  You'll see that we frequently use all organic, or natural liquids in our soaps such as tea, aloe vera, fruit extracts, goats milk and more.  For our oils, we use varying combinations of coconut oil, shea  or cocoa butters, sweet almond oil, sustainably and ethically sourced palm oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and olive oils.  Add in essential oils or a special fragrance oil, lots of patience and love, and you have an artisanal bar of soap!